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"Becky has an incredible gift of communicating Biblical truth with clarity and terrific joy!  She is committed to the authority of Scripture and communicates its beauty and relevance with contagious passion.

Whether teaching on Identity in Christ, Biblical Womanhood, The Authority of Scripture, Biblical Parenting, Marriage, Grace, Thriving as a Pastor's Wife, or Battling Fear, Anxiety, Worry or Depression, Becky teaches with humor, humility, and enthusiasm while exalting and glorifying God.

If you need a speaker, Becky's teaching will leave your women filled and fueled in their love of Jesus and their desire to live for Him!"

- Sylvia Zuiderveen, Director of Women's Ministries at Coram Deo Bible Church

"Becky Willey is as real as it gets. She’s the same person when she’s speaking to a group of women, and when she’s with you in person. She loves the Lord, loves her family, and loves her church. She has a lot of wisdom to offer to your ministry. We love having Becky speak to our women’s group. Not only does she care about the Word of God, but she’s funny too! 

- Jaimee Draper, Pastor's Wife at Bethany Road Bible Church

"With the relatability of your best friend, the wisdom of a mentor and the sense of humor of someone who doesn't take herself too seriously, Becky Willey delivered a compelling and cohesive biblical teaching for our church's women. 

Her topic was broad enough to find application for everyone - from new believer to seasoned saint.  The depth of the instruction made it such that it was like a zero-entry pool - accessible enough for ladies who had been invited to our conference by a friend, yet challenging to our most faithful members.

Becky made me want to learn to teach the Bible more effectively - but what's more, she made me want to know and love my God better.  I would strongly urge you to have Becky speak at your event.  You won't regret it!"

         -Ascend Church member and WellSpring attender

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